Vivienne Westwood: Taking Action Against Climate Change

For the past four decades, Vivienne Westwood has proven that fashion can make a difference. She has dedicated her life to fighting against climate change, animal cruelty, and has worked to create a better, more sustainable world. She founded Climate Revolution which is focused on producing quality, not quantity which she has applied to her own fashion label. She believes that this type of consumerism is wasteful and is harming the environment. Westwood is also opposed against fracking and actively participates in protests against the controversial drilling practice. She even donated money to Cool Earth which gives financial support to communities in Peru so that they don’t need to cut down the rainforests to make a living. Vivienne Westwood is actively fighting for the environment, criticizing corporations and politicians for the damage that they are causing to the environment. Vivienne Westwood has always been a rebel, always been interested in the good fight, and she uses her fashion as a platform for that fight.

Source: TEDxVienna

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