Dr. Lorinda Hern & The Rhino Rescue Project

Founded May 2010 just weeks after poaching incident on the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve in Gauteng in South Africa, the Rhino Rescue Project began with Dr. Lorinda Hern and Dr. Charles Van Niekerk. The two have an amazing team dedicated to the preservation of rhino’s lives.

Lorinda grew up around rhinos as they were often seen on the property she was raised on. After witnessing a violent poaching act, Lorinda became invested in protecting these animals and took it upon herself to start Rhino Rescue with partner Dr. Charles van Neikerk.

Their focus is to bring the coast and demand down for rhino horns in order to encourage against poaching. Devaluating the horn is their best way to stop the suffering.

Source and Photography: Rhino Rescue Project
For more information, visit: rhinorescueproject.com