California’s Own Cannabis-Growing Nuns

The earliest of medicines have been made by wholesome and natural products and it’s about time we got back to our roots. Affectionately titled the “Weed Nuns”, the Sisters of the Valley are a group of women (and some men) who are growing hemp and hemp products for medicinal needs. Unlike most growers, the Sisters treat it like a spiritual experience and undergo rituals all centred around the course of the moon. They put together oils and salves that help the body and the mind.

With all-natural ingredients, these Sisters refuse to be associated with anything government-sanctioned. Even though they call themselves nuns they do not affiliate themselves with any religion. The image of a nun symbolizes peace and helpfulness and they strive to share that with their followers.

Starting out from the occupy movement, they noticed a severe drop in America of the middle and working class. First and foremost they wanted to give jobs to men and women and through their spirituality and belief that none of these products should be regulated, a community was born.

Political-based nuns that want to change how a community is seen and governed, without bringing religion into their views, are rare. The Sisters want nothing more than to help people with their product, using an honest work ethic and strong sense of how the world and the body can work together.

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