Meet Blink Now’s Maggie Doyne

Winner of the CNN Hero of the Year Award in November 2015, Maggie Doyne created BlinkNow after one experience in poverty-stricken villages in the Himalayas taught her the importance of human kindness. Maggie set out after her senior year in high school with just one backpack and some friends. During her trek through the Himalayas and hike through poverty-stricken villages, she came across a little girl named Hima; she was selling stones to try and feed her family. Maggie dedicated herself to helping this little girl pay for school, clothes, and food. This moment forever changed Maggie and with her life savings she created BlinkNow.

Maggie purchased land in Surkhet, Nepal, which soon became home to the foundation. BlinkNow has been apart of building schools, communities, and calling action for medical attention. According to Maggie, “We can all make a difference”. BlinkNow is a nonprofit foundation that works with women and children in Kopila Valley. Together, they're building a safe community of education, healthcare, and sustainability.

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