Socially Conscious Fashion: Blake Mycoskie’s Business Model

While travelling through Argentina, Blake Mycoskie saw the problems facing the children of poor communities. He developed a for-profit business model that would help support poor communities with the “One for One” program. “One for One” was how TOMS was started which is known for providing one new pair of shoes to a needy child when anyone purchases one of their pairs. The idea has since expanded into coffee, eyewear, and even bags which supports families. For every purchase of a TOMS’ bag, a birthing kit is given to a pregnant woman so that she can give birth safely. TOMS Coffee provides safe drinking water to a community in need. TOM works with humanitarian organizations who are looking to build and development these kinds of communities. Blake’s shoes and accessories teaches us the power of fashion can have – to influence, create, and even make a difference to those that need it most.

Source: TOMS