UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa Trancoso, Brazil

Brazil is still one of the top destinations to travel. For those looking for something other than São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro should travel to Trancoso. Stay at the breathtaking UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa designed by Wilbert Das. There are 10 different casas available, each with their own distinct personality. The Casas of UXUA are drenched in culture and history, each one is crafted using traditional techniques, reclaimed materials, and antiques from local artisans.

Their luxurious spa uses hand made spa products that contain natural ingredients such as 100% virgin coconut oil, shea butter, Brazil nuts, and fresh palm oil just to name a few.Many of these items are grown fresh from their own garden. The hotel offers a number of different treatments to pamper yourself. Try a Moonbath body scrub with massage an in vichy treatment with fresh coconut or passion fruit, a Bahian cacao facial,or take part in the UXUA exclusive white clay body mask lagoon trip.Take part in capoeira, yoga, and pilates, or if you're feeling like trying something new there's Brazilian forro dancing.

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