Travel The Eco Way At Svart Powehouse Hotel

Located at the foot of the Svartisen Glacier, Svart Powerhouse Hotel eco hotel from Snøhetta works to preserve the natural environment of Northern Norway. The structure was built using new sustainable design concepts to minimize their ecological footprint and the impact on the natural environment. To power Svart Powerhouse Hotel uses solar panels and strategic positioning to harvest its own energy. This allows it to operate at 85% less energy than other hotels. Private terraces create natural shadows and cooling. This low-impact hotel offers unique features such as rare plant species native to the region, clean waters and the blue ice of the glacier which can be seen and experienced by their guests. The entire circular hotel was built on wooden beams so that there is minimal damage to the natural environment. The round design provides 360 degree views of the alpine landscape as well as draws inspiration from the area’s local fishing heritage. The design and location of the hotel brings guests to new heights and allows them to view the natural landscape up close and personal without harming it. It’s the perfect place to travel for gypsetters and people who are looking for sustainable travel destinations.

Source: Snøhetta