MAMA Knows Best at Ecomama Hotel in Amsterdam

Communal living has its perks at Ecomama Hotel. Guests can share, dream, and explore the gorgeous city of Amsterdam all while sharing and making conscious decisions to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. The communal living aspect is introduced through the option of dorm-style accommodations, kitchen-table style dining, hanging out in the tent, or swinging on the indoor chairs. There's also private rooms available for couples or guests who prefer having their own personal space. To go green, Ecomama uses cradle-to-cradle furniture, fair trade materials, and environmentally friendly heating, water and waste systems. Staying at Ecomama also gives back in other ways as 1 euro for every night a guest stays at the hotel is donated to Niños de Guatemala, an NGO providing quality education for disadvantaged children in Guatemala. Founder, Anika Jacobs, is no newbie to the hospitality industry; she opened Cocomama in 2012 which became known as the first boutique hostel in Amsterdam, and received multiple international awards praising Cocomama’s hospitality experience. Her innovative concept creates a unique experience and integrates sustainability into the hospitality industry and her desire is to bring like-minded people together to connect and make conscious steps to living a more sustainable lifestyle. Ecomama attracts travellers looking for eco-conscious luxury accommodation.

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Source: Ecomama Hotel