Luxury Vedema Resort in the Greek Islands, Santorini

Vedema, a Luxury Collection Resort, is tucked away on the western side of Santorini Island, in the enchanted village of Megalohori. Overlooking the majestic Aegean Sea and encircled with renowned vineyards, this luxury resort is basically calling your name. The architecture pays homage to the traditional, indigenous décor and elements of the Greek Village in the Island of Santorini that still stands today.

Guests are welcome to explore the back beaches and ancient treasures of the Island. The hotel offers 6 suite and villa options for guests, and encourages them to take part in the resorts many accommodations. Partake in the exclusive wine tasting experience in the resorts own Canava Wine Bar, and relax in the world class Asian Spa offered by the Luxury Resort. Guests can also enjoy a private beach experience in one of Santorini’s famous black-sand beaches or relax by the sparkling pool and Jacuzzi nested in the Resorts natural gardens. Vedema highlights the exotic beauty and exclusivity of the Greek Islands and welcomes you to the experience.

Source: Vedema Resort

Photos by Petros Koublis