Indulge in Mykonos – San Giorgio Hotel

San Giorgio's laid-back bohemian style envisions a stay that is pure indulgence. The laid-back atmosphere of the hotel is the perfect escape from life's worries and caters to the free spirit of its guests. The design of the hotel encourages interaction and creativity with large communal spaces and furniture where creative spirits can share their ideas and stories with each other. It's in walking distance of Paraga and Paradise beaches as well as downtown Mykonos. Guests can recline in one of the many lounge chairs or hammocks on the hotel's private property and poolside retreat. San Giorgio also features an open-kitchen restaurant called Cantina which uses fresh local ingredients in every dish as well as a private beachside lounge and club. With 32 rooms, private spaces, San Giorgio's perfectly captures both the spirit of the past and the minimalism of contemporary life. The hotel's layout encourages connection - with nature, self, and other creative individuals.

Source: San Giorgio