Good Hotel Floats Off to London

Good Hotel has officially drifted away from Amsterdam and is floating towards the UK, calling the city of London home for the next five years. An innovative concept, Good Hotel was launched in its home city of Amsterdam where it helped to train and employ 70 long-term unemployed locals and create an experience that reflects the local culture and people who live there. The floating hotel was designed by Remko Verhaagen and Sikko Valk, who wanted to maintain a sense of purity and simplicity similar to the décor found in Dutch Homes. They elevated their concept by contrasting industrial construction for sturdiness, with the steel accents, while soft natural woods and textures give the space a homey feel. Good Hotel is also unique in other ways. They believe that good businesses should do good. They start by training unemployed locals in the hospitality industry which helps them develop important career and life skills. They also support local business by sourcing all their ingredients, label, and materials, as well as working with local charities by offering them a platform to further develop their commitment. For every booking on their website, Good Hotel donates 5 GBP per. night to NGO, Niños de Guatemala.

Good Hotel will open its doors in London in November 2016, bringing their floating Good Hotel design and concept over to the UK and redefining how business is done. Good Hotel is a business that understands the importance of social responsibility and giving back to the community and are spreading that idea around the world. They have proved that a socially responsible model is the way of the future.

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Source: Good Hotel Amsterdam