Digging In at Dig Inn (Boston and New York)

Dig into something good at this cruelty-free restaurant chain. With locations all over New York and Boston, including one in Rye Brook, Dig Inn is introducing their healthy eating to big city living. All the ingredients used in their creations are from local farmers and producers who are paid fairly and a range of seasonal items. Their relationships with farmers and producers helps them serve food that is fresh but also embraces the rich, agricultural history and encouraging more sustainable options for healthy eating. They believe that cooking is the greatest expression of love, joy, and friendship and bring that model to their customers and their made-from-scratch meals. You won’t find anything over-processed or frozen in this kitchen. Dig Inn is looking out for farmers, health bugs, and the world.

*Note: While not exclusively vegan, they do have a range of vegan dishes to choose from.

Source: Dig Inn