Coqui Coqui Residence & Spa in Tulum, Mexico

Cocqui Cocqui Residence & Spa is wanderer’s dream. The boutique hotel features a spa, mini boutique with handmade perfumes and accessories, and three suites each with their own special theme. Looking to relax? The spa offers aromatic therapy which utilities the power of aromatherapy. Each suite has is open-concept with large openings to cool down the room with the breeze. This is one of the many ways that Cocqui Cocqui utilizes the natural environment. The hotel is also solar-powered and uses natural light which enter through the open-air balcony. With its belief in sustainability, Cocqui was created with repurposed and local materials. The beautiful interiors and design, private spa, and private balconies will send you into total tranquility.

Source: Smith Hotels