For the Bohemians: Casa Sandra Boutique Hotel on Holbox Island, Mexico

Home is a state of mind and the owners of CasaSandra Boutique Hotel invite their guests into their home with this unique property. Choose to stay in one of CasaSandra’s 18 rooms or their Luxury Villa for added space and the offering of rich organic ingredients and fresh fruits that the nearby town provides. The hotel’s aesthetic is artistic expression and each room feature carefully selected artwork meant to inspire the creative soul and relax the mind. To do this, CasaSandra is strictly off-line. There are no televisions, telephones, alarm clocks, or radio to disturb the peace. The hotel is designed to provide an escape from technology and live a simpler life with no schedules, no meetings, and no urgency at all. The rustic and elegant design of the space builds on this idea of a country escape with fresh materials, soft Egyptian cotton sheets, and fluffy blankets and pillows as well as glimpses of the sea no matter where you are.  The hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway or even a solo holiday to rejuvenate the artistic mind. In short, it’s paradise.

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Source: CasaSandra