Moab Desert Escape

As the name suggests you’ll find this lovely vacation home tucked away in the Moab desert. If you’re looking for a lush retreat, Hidden Valley may not neccessairly be for you. Designed with the active couple in mind, the house sits on a 100 acre plot interposed with red rock formations and cliffs. The open concept and expansive decks merge indoor and outdoor spaces. Three of the four walls are floor to ceiling windows that provide stunning and dramatic views of the Moab.

To minimize its environmental impact, Hidden Valley uses sustainable materials. Environmental systems are also in place to take advantage of nature’s power. Geothermal systems heat and cool the home, while solar power panels generate power. The house’s frame is made of a recycled steel frame that has long term endurance against natural elements as well as other household pests such as termites and mold.

Photography: Joe Fletcher Photography
Source: Moab Desert Escape