La Reserva in Colina, Chile

La Reserva is a low-cost housing project in Colina, Chile that spans 140 sqm. The original intent behind the house was for it to be a solution to housing problems by being able to quickly sell and replicate the design. Set in the gorgeous countryside of Colina, Chile the simple geometric design contrasts with its surroundings without being too jarring. 

Built with concrete, steel, and timbre, the materials are meant to weather “as a continuation of the building process rather than as a force against it” turning the house into a constantly evolving project. It is arranged in a cross shape with family areas on the second level to take advantage of the surrounding landscape. Acoustic considerations have taken into account, to prevent the reverberations that often occur in high rise cubic volumes. Steel plates create a double façade that expand in the heat increasing ventilation allowing air to move and cool through the various partitions in the house.

Photographer: Carlos Eguiguren
Source: Sebastian Irarrazaval Arquitectos