Cubic Design in Sao Paulo

Designed by the creative minds at Studio MK27 the aptly named Tetris House in Sao Paulo is a gorgeous adventure in geometric design. The slatted wooden lining of the living room creates a cozy intimate atmosphere that contrasts with the large capacity of the space itself. The Tetris House embraces the natural beauty of the wood and stone that runs throughout continually blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space.

The Tetris House is designed for efficiency as well; the wooden slats act as a brise-soleil that reduces the discomfort of direct sunlight yet still lets in copious amounts of natural light. The wooden slats also retain heat while gentle breezes continue to cool the inside. The house is 620 m2 with a celling height of 5.15 m and a boosted 11.75 m in the front. Complete with a fireplace and library, the house has four upstairs bedrooms, including the master suite that looks out onto the garden.

Photographer: Fernando Guerra
Source: Tetris house