Design Your Own Eco Space With Plús Hús

Plús Hús can transform into anything you want. It can be used as a guesthouse, tiny home, home office, or even a vacation cabin. The 320 square foot rectangular box is constructed using mnmMOD panels, a sustainable and energy efficient materials. To light the space, a sliding door and large windows have been incorporated into the structure to reduce the amount of artificial light needed. The design also uses natural materials such as wooden shiplap, maple wood for the interior and black aluminum for the doors and windows. Customers can customize their structure by changing colors and finishes. There is even a small outdoor area that is attached to the structure where you can place chairs, plants, or even a swing.  The structure is available in three configurations to include a bathroom and kitchenette. Plus Hus is assembled in their Los Angeles factory, delivered to you and then assembled on-site.

Source: Plús Hús