Tea for You: Cha Le Tea Merchant and Cafe

Located in Vancouver’s Yaletown is a modern tea shop. Cha Le Tea Merchant + Café provide a range of sophisticated, handcrafted teas as well as a selection of sweet and savoury toasts to accompany them. Their teas are distinct, presenting an array of fresh flavours and aromas to tantalize your taste buds. The space itself is the perfect hangout to catch up on emails, chat with friends, or just take a breather. Hungry? They also have a menu comprised entirely of various toast. Yes, you heard that right. Every piece of toast comes loaded with a selection of delectable ingredients such as wild smoked salmon,hand peeled shrimp, and truffled ricotta. They even have an amped-up version of toast and jam with chutneys, spreads, and cheeses. If you’re craving something sweet, they also have a collection of sweet toasts like salted caramel and banana or chocolate hazelnut spread. It’s a simple concept with bold flavour which is exactly what this tea shop is: simple yet bold. Taking inspiration from the traditional tea houses but with a modern interior designed by Leckie Studio Architecture, Cha Le Tea Merchant is a tea-lover’s paradise.

Source: Cha Le Tea Merchant + Café