Santa Clara 1728 in Lisbon, Portugal

Located in one of the most beautiful places in Lisbon, the Santa Clara 1728 is a romantic paradise. This charming hotel is surrounded by historical monuments, beautiful palaces, and the beautiful view of the river. Rich in cultural history, Santa Clara 1728 takes its inspiration from the Baroque art and the cultural influence of the city. The building’s renovation was done by architect, Manuel Aires Mateus, and respects the heritage of the building but also adding in modern comfort and design. At this hotel, guests will feel at home with interplay of light and space. Santa Clara 1728 is the perfect place for quiet relaxation as well as a communal feel with the dining table and a secluded garden for contemplation. The delicate romantic touches make this hotel feel light and airy, embracing the quiet beauty of Lisbon.

Source: Santa Clara 1728

Images by: Francisco Nogueira