Ending Off Right: The Best Post-Workout Snack Bars

Cravings. We all get them. Sometimes all we want is something sweet to satisfy us but when you're undergoing a lifestyle change and eating healthier and working out more, that indulgence isn't always possible. Luckily protein bars have really made some improvements the last few years, giving you all the health benefits along with satisfying your sweet teeth. Our list of the top post-workout snacks will replenish your energy, give you your daily dose of protein, and tantalize your taste buds.


Gut health is important. Don’t skimp out on it with Truthbar’s pre + probiotic Peppermint Brownie bar. The rich chocolate indulges your sweet tooth while the cooling taste of peppermint relaxes your tummy and invigorates you. Truthbar also uses Live Probiotic Bacillus Coagulan cultures and Omega-3's to give you your daily dose of gut-health benefits.

Source: Truthbar



These simple 12g protein bars are built on transparent marketing. That’s why the packaging includes a list of the ingredients and the exact amount, including egg whites, almonds, cashews, and dates. You never have to wonder what’s actually in your protein bar when it’s right in front of you. Their mandate is this: no B.S. which is why they create simple and nutritious bars that are 100% guilty-free.

Source: Rxbar



Over the last few years the health benefits of hemp and hemp products have gained a lot of traction and why wouldn’t they? Hemp is widely considered to be an excellent addition to your health routine. Evohemp’s bars contain Hemp protein which is easy to digest and helps maintain a healthy immune system. It is also a source of omega 3s and is made with 100% organic ingredients. For a tropical twist, try this Pineapple Almond bar to sustain your energy levels either before or after the gym.

Source: Evohemp


Aloha Protein Bar

With 18 grams of plant-based protein, this bar packs a punch and is just thing that you need to replenish your energy after an intense workout. Made with organic ingredients such as vanilla beans, almonds, and pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, Aloha’s bars is one of the better options for a post-workout snack.

Source: Aloha


Oatmega is the self-proclaimed “best-tasting omega protein bar on the planet” and their new lower sugar and higher fiber bar is certainly living up to the hype. Containing 14g of protein and 200mg of Omega-3s this bar is perfect to sustain your body while training or looking to beat that 3pm slump. Using grass-fed whey, sustainably-sourced cold-water fish oils, and only 5g of sugar, Oatmega proves that you don’t have to sacrifice your health to get a tasty snack bar.

Source: Oatmega