Best Healthy Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

If there's one word that describes Valentine's Day it's overindulgence. Everyone puts so much pressure to outdo each other and overindulge in every thing: from restaurants, romantic getaways to sweets and confectioneries. We've all been there. We spend the time stuffing our faces and we pay for it later. Either our skin starts misbehaving, our energy levels, or you just don't feel like yourself. If you don't want to have a Valentine's Day you'll regret, then these healthy chocolate choices are for you. Great ideas for gifts or just something to share with the people you love.

Freaky Health Chocolate

Stop yourself from burning out with this healthy chocolate bar which helps to regulate your body’s hormones to prevent chronic fatigue, adrenal burn out, and anxiety. This chocolate brand uses adaptogenic herbs to strengthen and improve your nervous system and overall wellness. The ingredients are geared towards one thing: making you feel good. A bite of one of these freaky treats will really improve your Valentine’s Day whether you’re celebrating it with a partner, a group of friends, or indulging in some “me time”.

Source: Freaky Health Chocolates

Antidote Chocolate

This 100% raw cacao chocolate bar builds up your heart and strength this Valentine’s Day. With creamy walnut flavor and crunchy cacao nibs, Antidote’s chocolate gives a burst of flavor that is seriously good for you. But that’s not the best part; these chocolates are vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and are made without the use of pesticides. It’s a great gift to share with any health-conscious partner without sacrificing the sweetness.

Source: Antidote Chocolate

Not Your Sugar Mamas

Sometimes the stress of Valentine’s Day can get to you and you just need to take some time to unwind from it all. Luckily this handmade Lavender Sea Salt Chocolate Bar from Martha’s Vineyard has got you covered. Sea salt’s many benefits have been essential for body health and have a lot of nutritional value which is paired with the soothing notes of fresh lavender. These are two key ingredients in this bar and they work together to build your immune system and help you sleep restfully, giving you a healthy glow.

Source: Not Your Sugar Mamas


Theo Chocolate

Getting into the spirit of the holiday, Theo Chocolate have created their very own Valentine’s Day bars. They have added the sensual sweetness of cherries to their creamy gluten and soy-free kosher chocolate bars. They also have a Salted Black Licorice Dark Chocolate flavor for those who don’t like a very sweet taste. Plus, their chocolates are organic and fair trade which makes this a guilt-free gift.

Source: Theo Chocolate