Setting Sail For Peace: Peace Boat Ecoship Concept by Oliver Design

A new eco luxury ship concept is being designed by Spanish design firm, Oliver Design in collaboration with Peace Boat, a Japanese ONG. Peace Boat Ecoship will be a 60,000 tonne liner with a capacity of 2,000 passengers. The ship’s concept explores new technological advancements being made in sustainability including retractable solar panels, energy efficiency and also waste disposal. In addition to these features, the ship will also run on a combination of liquefied natural gas or diesel which will cut fuel consumption by 20% and reduce carbon emissions up to 40%. The design concept will also utilize natural elements such as air, light, and water as well as natural materials to lessen the ship’s carbon footprint . The design of the vessel was inspired by the shape of a whale and it’s being promoted by Peace Boat which is an organization dedicated to fostering peace, promoting human rights as well as environmental sustainability in today’s modern world. The concept is expected to become a reality in 2020 just in time for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Source: Oliver Design