What is Sacred to Artist, Ramona Nordal

Born and raised in British Columbia, Ramona Nordal's art has always been fueled by the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Her journey as an artist wasn't a straight-forward one; Ramona tried out many different things before she found her way back to art. Her style is bold, colourful and emotionally intriguing and combines parts of human farms to create her portraits. Every painting is a stepping stone to develop her artistic skill and style, building a portfolio that is truly impressive. To Ramona, art is a personal experience. To make true art, the space needs to be free from distraction and and a place for self-reflective thought for true creation to flourish. We spoke to Ramona about her personal journey, her inspirations, and what is Sacred to her.

What best describes your personal journey in life?
Triumph over tragedy.

What has inspired you to travel the path you have chosen?
Creating art is a necessity for me. Without it, I feel numb.

Do you believe you have found true happiness through this journey?
Absolutely. When I paint I am at my happiest. It is a hard feeling to describe.

Who/what inspires you?
I am drawn to people who think differently. David Lynch inspires me. Color inspires me and is the deciding factor of each new painting. Other artists inspire me; not so much for their work but more in how they approach their work and being an artist in general.

What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this?
I feel that each person has a longing to achieve something in life. Some know what that is and some don’t. I don’t believe in dreams. I do believe in strong feelings that push us to do fabulous things.

What is the most important thing you learned through your personal journey?
Every day I wake up and feel strongly about my work. I try to create paintings that I like and that I find inspiring and interesting. You can’t worry about everyone else because if you did that it would influence your work too much.

Share with us your new adventures you wish to explore going forward?
I am interested in the people that surround me every day. We are such a diverse group of people. I always look to the future and wonder what things will be like. Life is moving fast. It seems that we're all pushing forward in one way or another trying to survive. I like capturing that survival in my paintings.

World causes you believe strongly in?
I feel strongly about doing what we can to support mental health issues within our society today.

Important world issues that you feel we need to be conscious about?
Equality for women. Nuclear war. Global economy.

What is a quote you live by?
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is Sacred to you?
My freedom.

To purchase Ramona Nordal's paintings, visit her website: www.ramonanordal.com

Cover Photo by: Daniel Anaka