The New Caravan: In-Tenta’s DROP Eco-Hotel

Have space, will travel. In-Tenta's DROP Eco-Hotel is taking away the boundaries of eco-tourism. It can be hard to travel when you're trying to be eco-conscious. Not all places in the world have eco or sustainable hotel rooms to stay in but the DROP Eco-Hotel takes away the guess work and lets you bring the eco-hotel wherever you want to go.

The Barcelona-based creative design studio has designed a contemporary version of the classic travelling caravan. Picture it: having coffee in the middle of the forest, or hanging out on top of a cliff. In-Tenta has taken the desire for travel and created a moveable modular hotel room that can can be placed anywhere. Inspired by organic shapes found in nature, the circular shape of the room uses a variety of lightweight materials which makes it easy to pack up and go. The best part? DROP is designed to have little to no impact on the natural ecological environment and is acceptable in a variety of terrains.

The room is large enough to comfortably fit 2 adults or a family of four. It holds a fair-sized bedroom, 3-piece bathroom, and lounge area, as well an outdoor dining area on the terrace. The space is covered by large windows that removes the barriers of indoor and outdoor and help to fully immerse travellers into the natural world outside. They also help to reduce the use of energy for lighting by adding some brightness during the day.

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Source: In-Tenta