Leonardo DiCaprio’s Eco Resort: Blackdore Caye Eco Resort

Leonardo DiCaprio has the ability to take our breath away with his superb good looks and acting abilities, but his latest eco-friendly project, the Blackadore Caye Resort is just as breathtaking and downright jaw-dropping as his gorgeous grin. The Blackadore Caye Eco-Friendly Resort is set to open in 2018 on a restorative island off the coast of Belize. The 104-ache island will become a haven for travelers and a leading example of green hospitality. There are various measures being taken in order to ensure minimal environmental impact; half of the island resort will serve for wildlife preservation, all power will be obtained from renewable energy sources and water will be preserved from onsite water treatment and rainwater. The maintenance of environmental sustainability and integrity is crucial for the resorts overall goal and moral standpoint.

The lead design architect is Jean-Michel Gathy, who has combined the use of minimalist, traditional designs with modern techniques. The resort will feature 36 residential estate villas as well as 36 bungalows spread across the island with echo-tech and design features that improve the air, water and light quality in the resort. Along with the 400 permanent jobs that the opening of the hotel will generate, Blackadore Development Group will enlist ecologists, marine biologists and zoologists to oversee the Caye’s rehabilitation process. The launch date is a year away and it is sure to be a favourite for luxury vacationing in 2018.

Source: Restorative Islands

Photo Credit: DENNISTON, Jean-Michel Gathy Architects