Honestly Good: Oliver Cabell is Fashion’s Newest Rebel

Oliver Cabell is changing the luxury bag game. The company provides an "honest alternative" to overpriced luxury bags and reveals every step of its process to its customers. In short, Oliver Cabell reveals that consumers are being overcharged for their luxury bags and that they can get the same quality with a lower price tag. Going on their website is an eye-opening experience for the average consumer who can see a step-by-step visual of what it actually costs to make a luxury handbag, revealing fashion's dirty little secret.

The brand had humble beginnings and was inspired by a trip to Asia where founder, Scott Gabrielson was horrified to learn about the poor and unsafe working conditions of the factory workers for big name luxury brands. As he did more research, Scott learned that luxury bags have a 75% mark-up which explains the high price tag. It was this desire to create a conscious model that encouraged value and refused to profit off the backs of underpaid labour workers that birthed Oliver Cabell.

The brand considers itself rebellious which inspired its name. Oliver Cabell is an amalgamation of two characters, Oliver Twist and Martin Cabell that were played by notorious Hollywood troublemakers, Steve McQueen and Oliver Reed. The luxury bag company is a rebel in the fashion industry because of its visibility. From the first step, Oliver Cabell reveals what it costs to make every product on their site. This includes a breakdown of labour + material costs, how much travel and shipping is, and finally, duties and taxes. They also give a price comparison of what their bag would cost if it was manufactured by another luxury brand.

The company takes a three-pronged approach to helping keep costs down. First, the brand is online only which helps to keep down costs for distribution. They also partner with factories, removing the middle man and giving them control over how the products are made. The most important thing to Oliver Cabell is honesty. They firmly believe that everyone should know how their products are made. By refusing to conform to the high costs of luxury bags, Oliver Cabell is making itself a contender in the fashion game.

Like the products? You can order their bags from their website: olivercabell.com

Source: Oliver Cabell