We Sort of Love Sort of Coal

Sustainable brand, Sort of Coal has built their entire product line around the intriguing power of White Charcoal, an organic material that purifies and cleanses the skin and body. It can also turn water into mineral water, removing smells from the air, and balances out the body when ingested. White Charcoal is the highest grade of charcoal with 90% carbon content and has been used for years in Asian cultures as a purifying and restorative ingredient. The simple design of the bottle fits with its simple ingredients. Sort of Coal also subscribes to a cradle-to-cradle lifecycle which means that they are almost entirely waste-free. After using the products, the charcoal can be mixed into potting or gardening soil to help nourish and restore the natural PH balance of the garden. The raw wood is harvested in Japan and Korea by local craftsmen who promote the healthy and ecologically sound production of White Charcoal.

Sort of Coal’s inspiration comes from a history of purity and wellness. White Charcoal has been around since ancient times and this timeless ingredient and ancient tradition is being restored and revitalized by the modern brand.

Source: Sort of Coal